Environmental Responsibility

At MAP, we understand the urgent need for businesses to not only acknowledge their environmental impact but also actively engage in initiatives that mitigate harm and promote sustainability.

Our unwavering commitment to environmental responsibility is evident in the strategies we employ to minimize our carbon footprint and preserve the planet for future generations. This underscores our multifaceted approach to stewardship, reflecting our resolute resolve to foster sustainability.

From energy conservation measures and waste reduction efforts to innovative collaborations and community-driven projects, we take a holistic approach to environmental sustainability.

MAP Sustainability Initiatives

Initiatives for Environmental Responsibility

Energy and Emissions

In line with the Company’s commitment to take responsibilities for environmental sustainability, we also make various efforts to save energy use, such as using LED bulbs and monitors, as well as turning off lights and air conditioning at the head office during breaks and after working hours. In 2020, due to the implementation of the work from home policy, energy consumption at the head office decreased by 31.58% to 1.69 Gwh compared to last year’s consumption of 2.47 Gwh.

The murals created using special paints that can absorb emissions

Although the retail industry does not have a direct impact on the environment, we are undertaking a number of initiatives to reduce emissions and prevent global warming. Our subsidiary, PT Map Aktif Adiperkasa Tbk together with Converse, commissioned local artists to create murals using special paints that are able to absorb emissions. A 13.6m X 2.8m mural located on Jl. MH Thamrin, Central Jakarta, has the ability to absorb emissions equivalent to 300 trees.

Energy and Emissions

In 2 March 2020, we inaugurated 88 employees that volunteered to become MAP Green Champions. The Green Champions are committed to implement sustainable practices in their daily activities as well as encourage other employees to implement more sustainable lifestyle.

Waste Reduction and Management

The accumulation of plastic waste in the sea is now a topic of much discussion. To help reduce plastic waste, as well as support government regulations to reduce plastic, MAP brands now use shopping bags to reduce single use plastics. At the end of 2020, 86% of MAP shopping bags use paper or spunbonded materials that can be used repeatedly, while the rest are biodegradable plastic bags.

Starbucks through the Greener Nusantara campaign also reduces plastic waste by replacing 14 million plastic straws into paper straws, 300 thousand plastic stirrers into wooden stirrers, 290 thousand plastic bottles with glass bottles, and using 120 thousand tableware made of biodegradable material, 33 million sheets of wipes from recycled materials, and 3.4 million cups made from recycled PET. Starbucks also encourages the use of tumblers, by providing incentives to customers who buy drinks using a tumbler.

To reduce post-consumption clothing waste, we have prepared a Take Back program at all Zara outlets in five cities (Jakarta, Bandung, Denpasar, Medan and Surabaya). Customers can put clothes from any brand in the boxes that we have provided. In collaboration with Sekolah Relawan – a non-profit organization, the clothes collected will be sorted, and clothes that are suitable for use will be donated or resold, and the proceeds from sales will be used to fund Sekolah Relawan activities, while clothes that are not suitable for use will be recycled into doormat/mop. In 2020, the total number of clothes collected through the Take Back program amounted to 324 kg.

As a retail company, we act as tenants in many shopping centers, therefore our waste management system is regulated by the building owners. However, we also strive to reduce waste arising from our operations by improving the performance of our IT systems. By using an IT system, we reduce paper usage and resulting in paper waste reduction

Waste Reduction and Management

Starbucks in collaboration with Planet Water foundation, strives to provide clean water to the surrounding communities through this program. In 2020, the Company established a new water tower at SDN 6 Pemenang Barat, North Lombok. In addition, the Company also made donations in the form hand soap supplies to 12 other water towers spread across Bali, Bekasi, Lombok, Medan, Surabaya and Tangerang. The donation of hand soap supplies is expected to help the fight against Covid-19 pandemic in Indonesia.

Rp1.4 Billion Allocated for Social and Environmental Responsibilities

In total, the amount of funds MAP spent on Social and Environment Responsibilities in 2020 amounted to Rp1.4 billion.