Awards & Accolades

For over 30 years, we have been pioneering brand management and driving innovation in the retail industry in Indonesia. Our story is one of relentless growth, marked by remarkable achievements that have reshaped markets and enriched communities. Our journey is marked by a series of remarkable achievements that have not only transformed markets but have also left an indelible mark on the retail landscape. Our commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction has propelled us, earning the trust and loyalty of millions of customers nationwide. With an unwavering dedication to excellence, we continue to push boundaries and set new standards in retail excellence.

List of Awards

  • 2023


    "High Market Capitalization" – TEMPO

    "IDN Financial Best Place To Work" – HR Asia Awards

  • 2022


    "“Analyst’s Favourite in the Consumer Cyclical Sector”" – CSA Community & The Association of Indonesian Securities Analysts

  • 2021


    "Best Corporate Statistics Respondent” – Bank Indonesia

  • 2020


    “Top 50 Companies” – Forbes Indonesia

  • 2019


    Starbucks “24-hour Nonstop Coffee Brewing Master Class with 144 Coffee Master” – MURI Record & World Record

  • 2018


    Reebok “Top 5 Netizen Choice for Sports Shoes” – Warta Ekonomi

    “Excellent Growth” (Trade, Service and Investment sector) – Bisnis Indonesia

    “Best CSR (Care for the Underprivileged)“ – 2018 Padmamitra Award (awarded by Ministry of Social Affairs)

    “PR of the Year (Corporate Communication Team Category)“ – SWA Magazine

  • 2017


    SOGO “Best in Social Media” – Marketing Magazine

    SOGO “Best Corporate Image” – Frontier Consulting & Tempo Media Group

    MAP CLUB “Best Loyalty Program (3rd)” – Marketing Magazine

    Skechers “Distributor of the Year” Award 2017

    Burger King “Marketer of the Year for Asia Pacific” Award 2017

    Best Managed Company” (3rd Place for Mid Cap Sector) – FinanceAsia

    “Best CSR (Neglected Category)” – 2017 Padmamitra Award (awarded by DKI Jakarta provincial government)

  • 2015


    “Most Admired Companies” (Retail) – Warta Ekonomi

  • 2014


    “Most Powerful & Valuable Company” Award (Retail) – Warta Ekonomi (Indonesia)

    “Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)” Award – Finance Asia

    “Investor Relations” Award – Finance Asia

  • 2013


    "Marks & Spencer Nominated As One of Superbrands in Indonesia Nominated for “Retailer of the Year” Award (Emerging Market)" – World Retail Congress

    TaylorMade “Best SEA Distributor” Award 2013

    Adidas “Best Multi Brand Growth” Award 2013

    Skechers “International Distributor Retail Award 2013”

  • 2012


    ASIA MONEY's Best Corporate Governance Awards 2012:

    Best for Corporate Governance (3rd Position)

    Best for Investor Relations (2nd Position)

    Best for Shareholders' Right and Equitable Treatment (3rd Position)

    Nominated for Indonesia Stock Exchange's Best Capital Award

    Fortune Indonesia's Most Admired Companies (Top 20)

    SWA Indonesia's #1 Retail Company in Indonesia 2012

    SWA Indonesia's Top 100 Best Public Companies 2012

    Srixon "Distributor Of The Year" Award 2012

    Burger King Awarded "Certificate Of Excellence For 2012" By Tripadvisor (World's Largest Travel Website)

  • 2011


    Forbes Indonesia Top 40 Companies (Ranking #23)

    "Asia's Most Preferred Brand in Retail" (Asian Leadership Awards)

    "Asia's Best Brand" Award for Excellence in Branding & Marketing (CMO Asia)

    "Asia's Best Employer Brand" Award (World HR Congress)

    Marks & Spencer "Exceptional Achievement" Award 2011

    Burger King Asia Pacific 2011 "Operations Excellence Award" for the third consecutive year - beating 17 other countries!

  • 2010


    "The Best Bond Issuer 2010" Award (Investor Magazine)

    Oshkosh B'Gosh "Best Store Merchandising" Award

  • 2009


    Burger King "Highest Score for Operation Excellence" Award

    Burger King "Special Training" Award

    Reebok "Distributor of the Year" Award

    Lotto "Most Valuable Business Partner in Asia Pacific" Award

  • 2008


    Reebok "Distributor of the Year" and "Retail Excellence" Awards

  • 2007


    "Best Managed Company in Indonesia" Award (Small Cap Sector) - Finance Asia

  • 2006


    Oshkosh B' Gosh "Best Performance in Adverse Conditions" Award

  • 2005


    "Best Managed Company in Indonesia" Award (Small Cap Sector) - Asia Money

    "Superbrands" Award for Sogo's significant role in local retail development Greg Norman "Excellence in Retailing" Award

  • 2003


    "Superbrands" Award for Sogo's significant role in local retail development

    Reebok "Distributor of the Year Asia Pacific" Award

  • 2001


    Reebok "Alf Shrubb" Global Award for outstanding achievement among all Reebok distributors worldwide

  • 1997


    Reebok "Best DMX Launch" Asia Pacific Marketing Award