When Human Population Are 7 Billion

  • 780 people don’t have access to clean water.
  • 1.3 billion tonnes of food are wasted every year, while 1 billion people go undernourished and another 1 billion are hungry.
  • 170 million people are still unemployed by the end of 2020
  • Human activities are creating a rapid climate change that increase earth surface temperature

Can we survive when human population reach 9.7 billion?

MAP Ready to Help Achieve the SDGs

To help ensure the sustainability of the world, MAP is fully committed to support UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals (17 goals and 169 targets). These goals are defined to meet the most pressing sustainability issues spanning environmental, social and economical challenges.

We are committed to develop our business responsibly. Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) will be an equal concern to our every decision, in addition to economic performance.

Find Out How We Contribute to the SDGs

Year :

As a retail company, we do not manufacture our own products. However we are in partnership with brand owners that hold a great responsibility towards the community and the environment.

Find out more about our principals’ sustainability initiatives from the following links:

Plastic & Waste Reduction

We are moving away from single use plastic shopping bags

FY21: 99% (36,570,575) paper or spun bonded shopping bags.

Plastic & Waste Reduction

Greener Nusantara Program

Greener Nusantara is our initiative to reduce plastic waste in our food and beverage store

as FY21:

  • 22.6 million less plastic straws, replaced by paper straws
  • 125k plastic stirrer, replaced with wooden stirrer
  • 36.7k less plastic utensils, replaced with biodegradable utensils
  • 730k less glass bottles, replaced with plastic bottles
  • 23.5 million plastic cups made by 100% recycled PET materials
  • 37.5 million tissue made from recycle based materials

Plastic & Waste Reduction

Take Back Program

Since Implementation to FY 2021, 3,506kg of used clothing have been collected

Plastic & Waste Reduction

Recycle Program

Since implementation (April 2021) 231kg Plastic Cups Collected and Recycled by July 2021

Plastic & Waste Reduction

Plant Based Option

  • Starbucks and Burger King have offered plant based option in the menu
  • Producing meat and dairy based menu may cause higher emission, due to excessive land use during farming

Plastic & Waste Reduction

Planet Water Partnership (masuk tab energy, water and emission)

Since implementation (2011) 14 Aqua Towers have been built. Providing access to clean water for over one thousand people.

Energy, Water & Emission

Electricity and Water Reduction

In Sahid Sudirman Center office only, the electricity consumption has been reduced until 108 Gwh.

Energy, Water & Emission

Converse City Forest

Collaborating with a Local Artist, PT MAP Aktif Adiperkasa Tbk and Converse created a mural with special paint that can absorb air pollutant.

YTD June 2021


Murals Created


Total “Planted” Trees

Quality Education for All

Rumah Belajar Anak Bintang (RAJAB)

This program, which was initiated in 2014, now operates in 7 villages in West Java. The program provides free character building education for underprivileged children. Character building education program is guided through 3 school subjects (Math, Science, & English), cultural education, field trip, and inspirational class. To ensure the effectiveness of character building education, RAJAB also engages with the students’ parents, local community, as well as providing capacity building to its mentors.

2,602 total beneficiaries (since 2014) (858 students, 1,716 parents, and 28 mentors).

Academic Achievements of RAJAB students:

  • Smart Ekselensia Scholarship (for junior and high school):
    • 2017: 3 RAJAB students were awarded scholarships
    • 2018: 1 RAJAB student was awarded scholarship
    • 2019: 3 RAJAB students reached stage 3 of the selection
    • 2020: 1 RAJAB student was awarded scholarship
  • Many RAJAB students have increased their school rankings
  • Many RAJAB students represent their schools in festivals/ competitions between schools in their

Quality Education for All

Community Store

  • The Community Store is located in Tanah Abang, the largest textile market in Southeast Asia, where thousands of young people in the area have limited access to education or career development opportunities.
  • This store will not only operate as a coffee shop, but it also has rooms for workshop and classes.
  • Part of the store revenue will also be used to support the activities held in the workshops and classes.
  • Most of the employees in this community store also come from the Tanah Abang Community

Grand opening:

Indonesian Street Children Organization (ISCO) Self Hygiene Class:

Sahabat Anak Tanah Abang (SATA) Dancing Class:

Health and Wellness for Indonesia

Sports Day, Sport Competitions, and Sport Camp

Sports Day

To encourage active and healthy living, we visit and conduct coaching clinic for the students and teachers, as well as classes on smart nutrition for the parents in several schools in Jakarta and South Tangerang.

7 schools participated in Sports Day (since 2019). Approximately 200 students and 25 teachers participated per school.

Sport Competition

To ignite the spirit of competition and enhance the love of sports, we conduct sports competitions (soccer and athletic). These competitions are also used to screen athletes to participate in the YOAN young athlete training camp.

32 teams participated in 1 event (since 2019) *other events postponed due to pandemic.

Health and Wellness for Indonesia

Online Coaching

  • Staying active is important to maintain physical and mental health during the pandemic.
  • MAA is working together with YOAN to spread active and healthy lifestyle. Students from Jakarta, Tangerang, South Tangerang, East Kalimantan, Bandung, Medan and Bali participated in this event.

Health and Wellness for Indonesia

Rumah Belajar Anak Bintang (RAJAB) & MAA Collaboration

  • Staying active is important to boost immune system, especially during the pandemics.
  • Utilizing 14-Days training videos, created by MAA & YOAN in their last program, RAJAB encourage its students to stay active and healthy.
  • All safety protocols were implemented during the activities.
  • Total of 142 students were participated in sports exercise which was held in 7 separate RAJAB, and conducted in many small groups.
  • Inline with the program, virtual “Inspiration Class” with Triyaningsih (Indonesian Marathon Athlete) were held in 23 December 2020, 84 RAJAB students participated in the event.
  • During the “inspiration class”, Triyaningsih explained the steps, the benefits, and the challenges in becoming a National Athlete.

Health and Wellness for Indonesia

Engaging with Key Opinion Leaders to Drive Positive Impact

Triyaningsih – Olympian & SEA Games Gold Medals for 5k, 10k, and Marathon. Promoting Healthy and Active lifestyle.

Triyaningsih – Olympian & SEA Games Gold Medals for 5k, 10k, and Marathon. Promoting Healthy and Active lifestyle.

Mike Tress – Former Masters Triathlon & Running World Champion

Health and Wellness for Indonesia

Working together with small and medium enterprises to “Create Positive Impact”

  • Kreskros’s products utilize plastic and textile waste
  • Kreskros’s also engages with the local community (near Ambarawa, Central Java), especially woman in creating their products.
  • The special woven bags are made by the hands of 20 – 50 years old farmers, living in East Java, Indonesia.
  • Making these handmade bags helped the farmers to have a flow of income during off-season.

Health and Wellness for Indonesia

Red Cross Partnership

3,100 Blood Bags has been collected in 2020

Health and Wellness for Indonesia

Benih Baik Partnership

IDR 2.3 Billion Collected through the campaign. The funds will be used to combat malnutrition.

IDR 1.8 Billion Collected through the campaign. The funds will be used to help mitigate COVID 19 Pandemic

IDR 374 million Collected through Benih Baik and The Foodhall Store. The funds will be used to help provide basic necessities for the community

Health and Wellness for Indonesia

Food and Face Mask Donation During Covid-19 Pandemic

180,000 of food and beverage packages have been distributed. In addition to that, 18,000 of face masks and other safety equipments have also been distributed.

IDR 157 million Worth of basic groceries distributed by the The FoodHall