1. Converse Inc., headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts, is a wholly owned subsidiary of NIKE, Inc. It was born in 1908 as a rubber shoe company specialized in galoshes.
2. Each line developed by Converse has its identity, style and customization making it a brand that does not create limits for its fans.
3. Converse is sold globally in more than 160 countries, and has conquered a rich legacy of legendary footwear such as the Chuck Taylor All Star, Jack Purcell, Cons and Chuck Taylor All Star II lines which have been present at several moments in history, making music, urban art and skateboarding around the streets of the world, besides being considered fashion icons and companions of the workdays.
4. Converse, established in 1908, evolved to produce iconic canvas basketball shoes by 1920. Sold worldwide, Converse remains a symbol of youth culture through lines like Chuck Taylor All Stars, committed to inspiring positive change for future generations.

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