MAP Active: Bringing Active Living to Southeast Asia

Since our inception in 1995, MAP Active has been the driving force behind the active lifestyle movement across Southeast Asia, leading the retail scene with an unmatched portfolio of over 40 exclusive brands. Our essence as a dynamic brand commerce powerhouse allows us to expertly manage and market international brands throughout the region, sparking unparalleled passion and excitement amongst our consumers. With our expansive network of 1,500 stores in Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia, and Cambodia, plus our 28 digital stores, our commitment to providing unmatched shopping experiences, both in-store and online, has never been stronger.

The foundation of our operations is built on three key business lines: Sports, Leisure, and Kids. Our unique blend of mono-brand and wholly owned multi-brand stores, including renowned names like PlanetSports.Asia, Sports Station, Golf House, and Kidz Station, allows us to meet the wide-ranging needs and tastes of our diverse customer base. Our reputation for excellence has earned us the trust of the world’s most prestigious brands, enabling us to set new global benchmarks in retail. Our mission extends beyond mere participation in the market; we aim to redefine it entirely.

A pivotal moment in our history was the acquisition of Astec in 2018, a top-tier regional brand known for its badminton, fitness, and leisure offerings. Astec, founded by Olympic Champions Alan Budikusuma and Susi Susanti, brought a legacy of excellence and innovation into the MAP Active family, further solidifying our leadership position in the sports industry.

2023 marked a year of significant growth and achievements for MAP Active. We continued our upward trajectory, achieving remarkable growth in net revenue compared to the previous year. Our quest for excellence is endless, driven by a strategic vision that emphasizes innovation and collaboration.

This vision was exemplified by our groundbreaking partnership with Frasers Group in 2023, introducing the iconic Sports Direct to Indonesia. This alliance not only expanded our brand portfolio but also enhanced the customer experience, setting new retail excellence standards.

Furthermore, our regional presence grew with the acquisition of Foot Locker stores in Singapore and Malaysia, and exciting Foot Locker debuts in Thailand and Vietnam.

Looking to the future, MAP Active is committed to achieving long-term sustainable growth. Through careful planning and unwavering dedication, we aim to enhance our merchandising strategies, fortify our unified retail business model, and foster strong relationships with our valued brand partners.

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