Mouth-watering Fusion of Japanese and Indonesian Flavors, Genki Sushi Presents Delectable Ramadhan Cuisine

Genki Sushi is excited to announce its special Ramadhan menu, which combines Japanese culinary art with the traditions of Indonesia. The brand’s commitment to authenticity and precision is reflected in every carefully selected dish, from Onigiri and Sushi Rolls to Rice Bowls. The menu is designed to provide an exceptional and unforgettable dining experience to all customers during the holy month.

Genki Sushi’s Ramadhan menu features a selection of carefully chosen dishes that maintain the brand’s authenticity and precision. From Onigiri and Sushi Rolls to flavorful Rice Bowls, each dish is made with meticulous attention to detail to bring joy and satisfaction during Ramadhan.

The Ramadhan menu features unique dishes, such as the Chicken Rendang Bowl and Supreme Chicken Rendang Roll. Customers can also take advantage of the Kareem and Mubarak packages, which can be shared with loved ones. As part of their latest promotion, by purchasing one box of sushi you will get a Supreme Chicken Rendang Roll for free! “We are delighted to offer this special Ramadhan menu that blends the art of Japanese cuisine with the warm traditions of Ramadhan. At Genki Sushi, we strive to create remarkable experiences, and this menu is our way of celebrating the diversity and joy of this season with our valued customers. The menu is designed for those who appreciate the flavors of Indonesia while maintaining an authentic Japanese touch. We are dedicated to providing diverse and remarkable dining experiences for our customers during this holy month,” said Siti Ayu Rakhmi, Marketing Manager of Genki Sushi.