Krispy Kreme Kitty Playground: Bringing Purrfect Joy with the Newest Cat-Shaped Doughnut

In today’s urban hustle, stress, and pressure are common, making happiness a precious commodity. Simple acts of kindness, such as feeding stray cats, can bring immense joy. It’s common to see people carrying cat food to feed strays they encounter during their daily routines. This act of compassion not only benefits the cats but also provides a sense of satisfaction and joy to the feeders and their surrounding.

Studies have shown that joy and emotional well-being can lower the risk of heart disease, enhance mental health, and improve overall quality of life. Happy individuals tend to be more productive, creative, and also form stronger social bonds. They also have a lower risk of death, as noted in various psychological and medical journals.

Inspired by this phenomenon, Krispy Kreme has created the Krispy Kreme Kitty Playground, an innovation featuring cat-shaped donuts that bring happiness to all human beings. With their adorable design, Krispy Kreme aims to deliver joy in every bite.

Krispy Kreme Kitty Playground is here to inject happiness into your day! Check out some of the Kitty Playground menus you can try:

Orange Doughnut in Kitty Shape

It is made for the iconic Kucing Oyen lovers, covered in orange chocolate and filled with refreshing raspberry jam in every bite. This is a must-try!

Cookie Doughnut in Kitty Paw Shape

Adorable paw-shaped doughnuts with strawberry icing and a biscuit with chocolate accents. Irresistible!

Blueberry Doughnut with Kitty Cookies

A blend of butter cookies and blueberry icing topped with Graham cracker crumble purrfect for those who enjoy a sweet and crunchy bite.

Sweet treats like these can boost serotonin levels, the “happiness hormone” that regulates mood, sleep, and appetite. They also provide a temporary energy boost and can evoke happy childhood memories, serving as comfort food that reduces stress.

Krispy Kreme Kitty Playground is the purrfect choice for lifting up your mood. These cuties not only taste amazing but also bring joy with every single bite. In other words, Krispy Kreme Kitty Playground can be your “serotonin boost”!

For only Rp15,000, you can try one of the three flavorful doughnut variations. Even better, just get a dozen for Rp135,000, where each doughnut only costs Rp11,250! With a #GirlMathMethode, you can save it up. It is a budget-friendly self-reward without breaking your bank account.

Enjoy them with your cat, while chilling and enjoying quality time at home. Capture the moment with your furry friends while enjoying Krispy Kreme Kitty Playground doughnuts, and share it on your social media with the hashtag #KrispyKremeCats. Also, don’t forget to tag Krispy Kreme Indonesia and Follow their social media by clicking this link: to stay updated on promotions and other activities.

You can find these special kitty-shaped doughnuts at all Krispy Kreme outlets in the Greater Jakarta area. Find the nearest store locator by visiting the MAP official website: If you are outside of Greater Jakarta, worry not! Krispy Kreme Indonesia now offers pre-order services for the Java area. You can simply click this link: to get a dozen of happiness!