GODIVA: Sensational Premium Chocolate to Colour Up Your Day!

We often hear that whenever women have their pre-menstruation (PMS), they are craving something sweet, especially chocolate. Also, during hard times, we also crave chocolate; it makes us feel much better, and somehow chocolate gives satisfaction and boosts our energy.

In fact, chocolate really can help as a mood booster and decrease stress, since there are anandamide and theobromine that help to lower stress and lighten up our mood. Chocolate can produce endorphins and serotonin, which is known as a happy hormone. It also consists of magnesium, which can reduce cramps while also boosting our mood. That is why women often crave chocolate when they are on their pre-menstrual cycle (PMS).

It shows that chocolate is an effective happy pill. The thing is, to avoid any harm to our bodies, we have to consume the best quality of chocolate in a moderate amount. Godiva offers the sensational experience of eating chocolate, giving you a bunch of happiness!

Godiva creates their newest gift box, the Delight Spring Box, with 16 Carre chocolates inside, along with their cute yet elegant packaging that catches your eye immediately. When we are feeling blue, Godiva can swipe it right away!

If you want something that can refresh your mind and body, Godiva has Soft Serve, their premium chocolate ice cream line, with three types of sauces as the topping, creating a fantastic combination. For anyone who likes a nutty flavor, you should try the Pistachio sauce as your topping. Whereas, the Mixed berry and Orange sauce is a perfect choice for those who like a pinch of tartness and sweetness from fruits or for someone who casually wants something more refreshing. You can get this sauce for only Rp10,000 to enhance the whole lip-smacking experience. Godiva Soft Serve is a perfect choice for today’s high temperature.

Exclusively for BCA cardholders, you can get 2 pieces of Soft Serve for Rp125,000! This promotion is available until June 30, 2024, every Tuesday until Thursday. All you have to do is run to Godiva’s stores and get all of these, whether to pamper someone or give them to loved ones. Don’t miss out!