French Culinary Style Blends in with Indonesian Taste: One-of-a-kind Iftar Menu from PAUL

PAUL Indonesia is offering a unique iftar menu, exclusively available during Ramadhan. This year, the menu features a fusion of French culinary style with Indonesian flavors.

From Milefeuille Martabak to Ice Blend Putu Mayang, the menu has a range of options that cater to Indonesian taste buds, while still maintaining the French bakery identity of PAUL

According to Laura Tailpied, the Marketing Manager of PAUL Indonesia, “In this Ramadhan, we would like to present a local flavor that is suitable for Indonesian taste while maintaining the French bakery identity of PAUL.”

PAUL Le Cafe’s Ramadhan Special Menu

The iftar menu at PAUL Le Café has a range of light options, including Date Soft Bread, which is sweet bread served with date and peanut butter. There is also a two-layered Millefeuille Martabak filled with custard cream, chocolate, cheese, and banana, which was originally only available at PAUL Le Café Trans Studio Bandung.

For beverages, the menu has a range of refreshing options, such as Ice Blend Putu Mayang, which is a mix of pandan juice, coconut cream, and palm sugar. There is also Ice Klepon Matcha, a combination of pandan juice, coconut cream, matcha powder, and palm sugar. Last but not least, there is Banana Chocolate Date Frappe, which is a fresh drink made of banana, date, and milk.