Feeling the Heat? Cool Down with the 4 Newest Cold Stone Creamery Variations!

Indonesian citizens assume that the heatwave from India causes the current temperature. According to BMKG, temperature increases in several Indonesian regions are caused by a combination of atmospheric dynamics and seasonal weather variability. Despite the intense heat currently affecting several areas, it is not caused by the heatwave.

Even though the heatwave does not cause the temperature, none of us are comfortable with the heat. A high temperature could cause an illness, such as dehydration where we must drink a lot of water. Also, many of us are cranky because of the extreme heat.

To cool down your mind and soul, you must try the newest ice cream variations from Cold Stone Creamery, it is so refreshing! The best quality of ice cream blends with an exceptional flavor, and spoils us in every devour. Here are the 4 iconic flavors of the newest innovation from Cold Stone Creamery that you must try!

Matcha Ice Cream

Calling all the matcha lovers! It is a perfect choice for you who cherish the true flavor of matcha with a pinch of sweetness. It brings you to the Japanese tea garden feel of relaxation, super refreshing!

Blueberry Lavender

A mix of the refreshing blueberry’s unique taste combined with a soft lavender scent. Perfect for a hideaway from the city’s extreme heat!

Strawberry Cheesecake

Offers you a time travel to taste a nostalgic strawberry cheesecake with the creamy strawberry ice cream, creating a timeless and unique flavor.

Peach Yogurt

A fresh peach fruit unite with a creamy yogurt never goes wrong! A perfect combination in the middle of the current extreme temperature.

The infinite flavor exploration is one of this brand’s uniqueness. It makes us want to try every new variant. It gives a refreshment to our bodies, also somehow it satisfies our soul by bringing joy in every bite, making our days more enjoyable.

Good news for all BCA cardholders: Cold Stone Creamery offers a special deal where you can get three cups of “like it” size for only Rp100,000 until 30th June 2024, every Tuesday to Thursday. Take your friends with you to try the newest variants of Cold Stone Creamery. Just head to the nearest Cold Stone Creamery store – guaranteed it will worth every peny!