A Sweet Iftar Combination of Doughnut & Syrup

Here’s a call to all the sweet tooth out there. A combination of doughnut and syrup which is full of sweetness for your iftar. Krispy Kreme introducing its limited-edition éclair doughnut and refreshment to celebrate the spirit of Ramadhan. You can enjoy the traditional sweetness with the new flavor inspired by the iconic Marjan Syrup, available at all stores in Jabodetabek, from March, 8th until April, 30th 2024.

This collaboration explored 2 variants of syrup, which are Cocopandan and Melon. It is crafted into three types of oval éclair-shaped doughnuts and one refreshment.

1. Doughnut Strawberry with Marjan Cocopandan Cream: With a sprinkled peanut, it offers a calming full local flavor experience.

2. Doughnut Caramel with Marjan Melon Cream Filling: With a sprinkle of caramel cake, a sweet and soft melon.

3. Sparkling Tea with Marjan Cocopandan Syrup and Cocopandan Jelly: A combination of jasmine tea and refreshing syrup.

4. Iced Peach Latte with Marjan Melon Syrup and Cocopandan Jelly: Mixed with milk, fostering the sweetness of a plush melon in every gulp.